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Division 26 Electrical Estimating
Pre Construction Electric
Performance Estimates:
John Stanulis
Chief Electrical Estimator
Top electrical estimating professional 10
years with Division 26 Electrical Estimating
and a past history with Fischbach and
Moore. Currently also electrican foreman
ibew running a crew at the University of
Illinois Springfield (UIS).The best of the
best field installations to estimating with
dynamics and accuracy.
John's past history
with top electrical contractors "Hatfield
Electric" and " Fischbach & Moore".
Contact us:
Electrical Contractors Resource
Estimator best fit overall. (What we offer.)

Division 26 Electrical Estimating works with electrical contractors in preparing
electrical estimates on commercial and industrial projects. We have been in the
electrical industry since 2004 working on quite a variety of different projects.

We would like to invite electrical contractors to send us their drawing/job files
on any projects they want to bid. It's something we enjoy going over the project
to talk about the estimate and what the electrical engineer has directed in his or
her project design.
Working hard at every assignment. (Overview)
Many projects can be very intense at bidding time with many drawings and
specification sections. It is not unlikely to see addendums and the release of new
drawing with changes. We keep at it working hard with a positive proffesional
attitude and getting the job done.
Estimate Services We Cover:
Typically we can tell you just what an estimate would cost for our work if you
would like.
Project Life Cycle Electrical Construction: Initiating | Planning |
Executing | Control |Closing
Job Track 2015/16 launch : Primavera P6 enabled. New projects awarded can be
sent for set up. Single projects thru company wide multiple projects developing
job reports. Pricing structure is project specific as no two jobs are the same and
vary as the project progresses. Please call for more information 217-899-5485.